QUESTIONNAIRE: Wills & Inheritance tax planning

This questionnaire is designed to ensure that the settlement you wish to make and any tax advice we may give is relevant, accurate and fully tailored to suit your needs and circumstances.

Please note all information submitted will not be shared with any 3rd party.

Section A - Personal Details
Your name *
Your name
Your partner's name
Your partner's name
Date of birth
Date of birth
Are you England & Wales domiciled?
Were you married in the UK?
Have you been married before?
Family details
Do you have children
Are you parents still alive?
Any other dependents
(e.g. former spouse, children from previous children)
Financial Details
Is the value of your estate:
Your Will
Executors and Trustees – These are persons chosen by you who are responsible for administering your estate after your death. You must choose at least one executor and trustee, and can have a maximum of four. We usually recommend that you choose three executors and trustees, one of whom should be an independent professional (e.g. accountant, lawyer, etc).
List below the names and addresses of those whom you wish to appoint to your will:
Beneficiary 1
Beneficiary 1
Beneficiary 2
Beneficiary 2
Beneficiary 3
Beneficiary 3
You may want to appoint one or two people to act as guardians for any of your children who are under the age of 18. The appointment will usually only apply if both the child’s parents have passed away whilst the child is under the age of eighteen.
Guardian 1
Guardian 1
Guardian 2
Guardian 2
Please confirm how you wish your estate to be distributed and any specific bequests you wish to make. If you wish to have a Shariah compliant Will, please simply write “Shariah compliant” in the space provided.
Please indicate if you are financially responsible for anyone outside your immediate family or if you pay maintenance to a former spouse or children from a previous relationship. Please also provide details of any matters not covered by the above sections which you consider may be relevant.
A Will is usually automatically revoked if you marry after making it. You will need to make another Will immediately, or one which takes a forthcoming marriage into account
On divorce, gifts to your former spouse are cancelled as is their appointment as executor. However, the rest of the Will stands. This can often create problems and it is better to make a new Will.
If you do not make “reasonable” provision for a partner, a former partner or any other person who is financially dependent upon you, it is possible that they could make a claim against your estate. If this does apply please seek further advice from us.
Illegitimate and adopted children (but not stepchildren) generally have the same rights of inheritance as other children.
As stated in note 3 above, children excluded from benefiting under your Will may have a right to claim a share of your property in certain circumstances. Please ask for advice if appropriate.
Please feel free to ask for our help or advice or more information on any topic related to your Will during your appointment.